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A Day in the Life of an Optometrist

I Just Want to See my Baby:

Imagine only being able to see something if it is held an inch from your eye.  One day a beautiful 25 year old female patient came in for an eye exam stating “Please help me see.  I cannot see past an inch from my face and I am pregnant and want to know if there is any way I will ever see my baby.”  As we do with every patient my team completed a very thorough process of evaluation and measurements using the best technology available.  When I completed my evaluation I discovered that this patient was extremely near sighted or Myopic and needed contact lenses.  Glasses would not be much help to this patient because her prescription was so great that the glasses would distort everything she looked at.  I had one of my team members put contact lenses (-20 prescription) on her and it was truly a miracle for her.  For the first time in her life our patient was able to see the leaves on the trees.  She cried tears of joy and we were all reminded once again of the joy of sight.

“Do not take your sight for granted, it is a gift that we must maintain with yearly preventative care.”