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A Day in the Life of an Optometrist

How your eye exam can save your life:

An eye exam can save your life.  A patient came in recently for a comprehensive eye health evaluation.  While evaluating her eyes I became concerned that the white of her eyes were slightly yellow.  I then noticed even her skin around her eyes looked very tan and with closer evaluation noticed a hint of yellowing of the skin as well.  I discussed this with my patient and discovered other symptoms as well that she had been attributing to lack of water intake and just being stressed.  After further questioning I wrote a letter to her PCP, called the PCP and sent her over to see him immediately.  She was admitted to the hospital the same day and they found her to have a Bile Duct obstruction that needed immediate surgical treatment.  Jaundice is something that patients and their family can easily miss because it occurs gradually.  An optometrist understands that systemic diseases can affect the eye and many times that is the first symptom or sign a patient will have of that condition.  Don’t neglect your annual eye exam.  It can save your life.