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A Day in the Life of an Optometrist

How a headache can save your life:

Headaches are a common problem for many patients.  I have several patients who have scheduled to see us to help them determine the cause of and eliminate their headaches. In some cases we simply need to make them glasses and the problem goes away however in a few patients it was something more serious.  One patient that I will never forget came to our office with severe headaches after having gone to the ER twice with no diagnosis or treatment given.  I took one look into her eyes and noticed her optic nerve was swollen in both eyes which meant she needed an immediate MRI and Lumbar Puncture.  I sent photos of her eyes and a letter with her to take back to her PCP and when he saw them he admitted her to the hospital. She had the appropriate testing and was found to have a blood clot that was caused by a rare clotting disorder and was causing pressure to build up around her brain causing the swelling of the optic nerve and headaches.  She was treated in the hospital and put on medicine for the rest of her life to keep her from having a life threatening blood clot.  Headaches should not be ignored.  See your local Optometrist to help rule out any eye problems and coordinate care with your PCP.