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I need an eye exam. I hit a hog.

There are a number of reasons patients come in for eye exams. All of them are good reasons and sometimes they are, well, funny. One example is a long time patient that came in today. I was overjoyed to see her after several years. She had moved to another town and hadn’t been in for a few years. I gave her a hug and said hello and she said. Doc, I figured it was time for my yearly check up because I hit a hog on my way to work yesterday. I thought at first it was a new “colloquialism” that I didn’t understand so I asked her to clarify and she said, “no, really, I hit a hog”. She showed me photos of the entire scene and I realized it was true. The great news was that she was o.k. and her vision was good, however with a change in her prescription we made it even better. Remember, I love taking care of my patients and enjoy seeing you each year however you don’t have to wait until you hit a hog to come in for your check up!
Check your eyes yearly to make certain you see clearly.